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The Village Mentality

I don't know about you, but I grew up with a village mentality. We were taught that community was essential and that we should do our best to find ways to support and uplift our community whenever possible. These weren't lessons we simply talked about; they were lessons taught through the actions and practices of my parents.

In our home, we try to implement these same principles with our kids. We intentionally seek out and take them to black-owned businesses to witness the power in ownership and learn what it looks like to participate in cooperative economics.

It's these practices that will help create a legacy within our community. As you continue on your parenting journey, remember to demonstrate all the qualities you wish to see in your children.

An easy way to begin this practice is by Celebrating Black Restaurant Week in Huntsville this year. The event runs from June 11-June 20th and is a great way to try new Black-Owned restaurants.

You can also support these small, locally owned BOB's and be a part of their legacy building.

Huntsville, AL

Black Kids Adventures, Inc - local non-profit curating outdoor family adventures to help diversify the outdoors. Stay tuned for the upcoming Black Hikers Week event this June.

Calloway Media - Locally owned media and photography company

Righteous Wellness - Health & Wellness services

Tabor's Tasty Treats- Sweet eats and treats

Poarche' - Life coaching services

3 Heart Beats Creations - Vinyl and Sublimation printing services

Turning Point Fitness & Nutrtion, LLC- Health & Wellness services

Chicago, IL

House of Loove Catering - Catering and Chef services in Chicago


Transit Church Chicago - Online Church operating out of Chicago

Have more to add? Drop a line below or send us a message!

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