Black Kids Adventures, Inc.



We believe that greater outdoor diversity begins with early Exposure, Education and Empowerment. At Black Kids Adventures, Inc, we want to be the premier organization pushing the needle and making sure all Black and Brown families/children have equal outdoor opportunities and access to adventure activities.  

Black Kids Do Hike

BKDH is a program of Black Kids Adventures, Inc aimed at promoting hiking, outdoor safety/awareness and outdoor education to Black, Brown and Indigenous families and children. We understand that everyone doesn't have the same upbringing and resources so some activities are never part of children's lives. We believe that when it comes to nature, that shouldn't be the case and we want to make sure that every child has the opportunity to experience and enjoy all the benefits of being outside. 


While we are aiming to reach families with children, our overall goal is to reach anyone that has the desire or interest in taking part in outdoor adventures. All are welcome here! 

Get Involved

If you have an idea or activity you would like to see offered or are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact us. Together, we can make a difference and help make the outdoors more equitable, accessible and exciting for all.