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solo stove for simple moments of joy

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One of my favorite things to observe in our kids is how much joy they get from simple pleasures. As parents, it can sometimes be hard not to overthink, overdo, and over plan, but I learned early on that it doesn't take much to satisfy littles.

My first glimpse of this was when Ace was 2, and I set up an indoor picnic for us. He was so excited and had so much fun, and all we did was eat on the living room floor and watch a movie. He enjoyed it so much that it became a family tradition that we still do today. As time went on and we added more kids to the mix, the one thing that never changed was the joy that time and simplicity brought our kids.

Finding Joy In Simple Moments

While all families differ and find happiness in their own way, one of my favorite activities to share with other parents is making s'mores over a fire. I didn't grow up doing this with my family, but I did experience it during my two-week stay at summer camp, and it was one of the most memorable takeaways from my time away. I'll never forget watching the flames grow, singing songs with fellow campers, roasting camp snacks, and the longing I felt knowing it would end soon. It's a feeling I spent years chasing and couldn't wait to introduce to my kids, who took to it just as I did.

Creating joy in our kids' lives has been one of the most pleasurable parts of parenting, and since introducing the solo bonfire stove to the mix, our time spent bonding over the fire has been that much easier. With virtually no smoke and significantly warmer than any other fire pit we've owned in the past, we've been able to share time a lot more often over backyard fires.

Bonfire & S'mores To The Rescue

We added some new smore's recipes to our last fire, and they were a hit. Try them out next time you fire up your solo stove!

New Recipes For Fun

Banana Boat S'mores

Gramham crakers

Thinly sliced bananas


Chocolate candy bar or chocolate chips

*add peanut butter and granola for another fun variation, or use chocolate graham crackers

Cookies and Cream S'mores

Chocolate sandwich cookies


Cookies and cream candy bar

*try vanilla-flavored marshmallows for a twist on flavor

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate S'mores

Chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookies


Chocolate candy bar

*try this with peanut butter sandwich cookies and peanut butter cups for peanut butter lovers

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