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Hiking Huntsville with kids

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

People often ask us how we were able to get the boys interested in hiking. My answer is almost always, "choose a hike with a sight." The thing about hiking with kids is that they will get bored of just walking more than likely. It's understandable; their attention spans aren't usually as long as adults, and after so many trees and boulders, it all begins to mesh together. One of the keys to maintaining interest is knowing the destination ends in a great way or seeing unusual sights along the way.

These Huntsville hikes each offer something different and are the perfect way to keep young hikers excited about hitting the trail!

Who can resist the sight of a cave? They almost go hand and hand with hiking in our home! This short, sweet loop circles around an old limestone quarry and is a favorite among many Huntsville residents. Although you can't access the caves, the views from the top are more than enough to get excited over. This is our favorite trail for Halloween!

Did you know you could view a waterfall without even leaving the city? (actually, a few, but that's another blog) Well, you can, and Alum Hollow Trail is the perfect hike to do just that. There are quite a few unique trees along the trail, as well as a cave near the falls. If you're interested in history, the cave was sed for shelter by Native Americans during the Middle Woodland Period. So not only is it fun to explore, it makes for a good conversation.

This preserve is just an all-around fantastic place for kids, but mine especially enjoy the animal footprint trail. It circles the lake near the entrance and tells all about various animals found in our area. My kids love running from kiosk to kiosk, looing and reading about the animals. There are even story kiosks that kids can read simutaneuosly, doubling the fun!

This is an excellent trail to visit if you're interested in seeing beaver dams and canals. Home to a variety of wildlife and 33 acres used for farming, Harvest Square offers a chance to connect with the animal-loving kid. Don't forget about the pond where you can fish after finishing your hike!

5) Space & Rocket Center trails: While these are new to us, I had to include them because they have some cool features such as aircraft and spaceflight hardware. My boys LOVED finding these items on the trail and never complained about how much walking we did. These are by far the most fitting trails for the Rocket City!

Bonus: They're great for mountain biking as well.

Bonus Trail: Wildflower Trail

One of the best trails to hike and cool off during hot weather. Spots around the creek fill up fast, so get there early!

Are you interested in family-friendly hikes in North Alabama? Check out more here!

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