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Awe Inspiring Alabama Adventures

When you think of Alabama, your first thought probably isn't, "hmm, what an excellent place to visit for an adventure." You might think of University of Alabama football (Go Dawgs! If you know my husband, you understand), the yellowhammer, Rocket City, or much like the old me, cotton fields. None of those things "scream" a place that would offer anything unique when it comes to outdoor recreation.

While those are signs you've arrived in the yellowhammer state, hidden beneath are some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring outdoor adventures.

These are our top Alabama adventures of 2020:

High Falls Park

The 35 foot waterfall in Grove Oak, AL is easily a family favorite sure to create many memories. Whether visiting during cooler months or summer, you will love hiking and playing at High Falls Park.

Little River Falls

Looking to hit up National Park Service park? Check out the gorgeous Little River Canyon National Preserve. The scenic drive around the canyon during fall is so pretty and little river fall is definitely a sight to see.

Mount Cheaha - Chehea State Park

As the highest point in Alabama, catch beautiful Alabama views at Chehea State Park

Probably one of the most underrated parks around, it's truly beautiful and full of all things good. Waterfalls, canyons and boulders bigger than life, do not leave Alabama without seeing it for yourself.

This camp has a special place in our heart. If you ever have the chance to visit, you'll encounter some of the sweetest people around! Outside of that, Camp McDowell has something to offer for everyone. Consider book a weekend or getting a day pass. Either way you will not be disappointed while exploring the grounds! Checkout our first visit back in August of last year.

Blevins Gap Nature Preserve

You know how you see everyone flocking to the Hollywood Sign for the view of the city? Consider this the Hollywood view of Huntsville. See the Alabama hills and best views of the Rocket City from Blevins Gap Nature Preserve.

If you're in North Alabama, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful beach in Lake Guntersville State Park. Nothing like combining mountain views with swimming on a hot, summer day.

This National Natural Landmark will have you feeling like you're miles away from Alabama and in a completely different world. From glow warms, to waterfalls and caves, it's a must visit!

Monte Sano State Park - Stone Cuts Traill

The fun here is the limestone trail which forms the stone cuts. It's like an outdoor maze and is unique trail to add some spice to your hikes. Checkout directions from Huntsville Adventurer.

Which will you add to your list? Checkout Alabama, there's so much more to offer!

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