My name is Zenovia B. Stephens. I'm the Founder and CEO of Black Kids Adventures, Inc, a non-profit organization and one of 3 Founders of Black Hikers Week. I've been blessed to be married to my college sweetheart for 11 years and together we have 3 incredible sons!

From SAHM to a WFHM, I have always set out to do things and parent in a way that reflects my and my husband's personalities and beliefs. Pulling from lessons and traditions we experienced in our upbringing, we are creating a foundation for our family that is centered on creativity, exploration, exposure, and family adventures. Our goal in sharing our lifestyle with you is to serve as a source of inspiration in your family journey and help you find your own adventure.

Our motto is "There's always an adventure waiting; You just have to be willing to find it!"


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When I'm not working my day job as a Regional Project Coordinator or exploring North Alabama with my family, you can find me blogging at, and


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