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What to do when what worked in the past, stops working

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. Since my last post, I was a guest on Conker Camping Podcast, and we visited a local 50's diner (more on that here) where we sat and ate for the first time in forever. I said a prayer that it would be empty before heading out, and we arrived to answered prayers. We had the whole place to ourselves!

My husband was working nights last year and has thankfully gone back on days (yay!), so our schedule for outings has shifted. We're homeschooling both of the older boys; I'm working on growing the non-profit, and I've had several people reach out for various things. To say I've been overwhelmed doesn't even make a dent in how I'm feeling.

Under non-pandemic circumstances, I would head to the gym, go for a solo walk, solo hike, etc. but dedicated time alone doesn't exist for me, and it hasn't in almost a year. Sure, I've gone a few solo hikes here and there but, I need time alone daily, and I'm now feeling the effects of not having that.

What do you do when all your go tos are no longer an option? I've decided that to refocus, I have to carve out time for me consistently.

My steps to conquering feelings of anxiousness

1) Create boundaries: Set a time where work-life ends and the focus is only on home

2) Plan to leave home for a walk, hike, drive, etc...when my husband alone when my husband gets home

3) Make working out a priority at least three times/week

4) Listen to podcasts that help with mindfulness. This one is a great start

5) Learn the value of saying "no, that doesn't work for me" and being ok with that.

How do you handle the pulling and pushing of everyday life? I hope my steps can are helpful for you!

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Jan 24, 2021

Excellent reminder to pivot when things aren’t working how we envisioned. Thanks for the actionable steps, too.


Great read! I will be checking this diner out with Kannon Noelle!

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