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the best bubbles ever. seriously!

Nothing says spring quite like sitting outside blowing bubbles, and bubbles never go out of style ( I love them as much as my kids)! Ever since my oldest son was a baby, we've been big on bubble play. We've sadly gone through many bubble machines, which have never lasted, in hopes of keeping bubbles floating high in the sky for as long as possible. I was sure it was all in having a great machine, but I later learned the trick was in the actual bubbles.

While shopping for a new spring wardrobe, I came across the bubbles used in my son's pre-school gym class. The bubbles not only stayed intact once they landed, but they were also big, full, and bouncy. Nothing like the bubbles I grew up using. I loved them, but they were pricy! They also didn't last long since we used them daily. So I began my Pinterest search for homemade bubbles and found the perfect recipe, which is still in heavy rotation in my house.

I promise these will be the best bubbles you've ever used, and you'll never return to store-bought again. They're super easy to make and the perfect time to let kids get involved and work on measuring skills as well as hand-eye coordination. I'm sure you can pull many lessons from making bubbles at home, so let me know what you come up with in the comments. Or just how much you love the bubbles, because you will!

What you need:

1 cup Dawn Dish Soap

1/4 cup Corn Syrup

6 cups of Warm Water

Empty Bottle or jar (we usually do a glass jar, but grabbed a bottle from recycling this time)

Measuring Cups

Funnel (optional)

Bubble wands, toys, etc


Measure and gently mix dish soap and water (careful not to let it foam too much)

Add corn syrup and gently mix until all ingredients come together nicely

Enjoy the best bubbles ever!

Looking for fun bubble toys? Hit up dollar tree now! While the bubbles may not be the best, they have excellent toys. We added a their bubble Frisbee to our collection this year and it's been a big hit among the boys.

Let us know how like them!

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