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The 3E's

I have come to the conclusion that the calling on my life is much greater than I ever imagined. How is it that the little girl that once dreamed of being a Doctor in her own private practice, is now helping to lead the charge in how the world perceives nature enthusiasts?

I'll tell you how. See, I have always had some sort of connection to the outdoors and I have ALWAYS been the person to "influence" and encourage those around me to try something new. In elementary school, I encouraged my best friend to join the summer track team with me and also go away to Camp Pinewood in Michigan for two whole weeks.That was likely the first connection to nature, from that perspective, for both of us. We kayaked, camped out, played capture the flag in the woods, built camp fires, traversed the lake on paddle boats and much more. Perhaps it was during this time that God began planting the seed that is blooming today.

There would be many more opportunities for me to "influence" friends during my high school and college years and it's during these encounters that The 3E's were developed without me realizing it.

So what are the 3E's and why are they important to me? The 3E's are: Expose, Educate and

Empower. They're important to me because it's literally how I've lived my life and without knowing, they have been the backbone in almost everything I do. It wasn't until this year that I realized I have been doing this my entire life and it was all for this moment. The moment to be able to help shape the world!

I'm so thankful for Gods plan and every little glimpse He reveals along the way.

Today I encourage you to not only find your adventure, but also to yield to the plan for your life. Your purpose is written in the plan and if you stay the course, you'll find that you've been walking in it all along.

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