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Life is ever-changing. The boys are growing like weeds; the big boy is almost my height; they're learning all the things and growing daily into their personalities. They have developed new interests, become more independent in many ways, and become the definition of resilience. Through it all, one thing that hasn't changed is the youngest desire to be on Dad's back when hiking. Nevermind that he's almost three and has been walking since he was nine months; he is riding this wave until he absolutely can't anymore.

Because of this strong-willed child, carrying options are a must for us.

We have enjoyed our Tula carrier tremendously. It's soft, easy to pack, comfortable to wear, and comfortable for napping. Unlike traditional hiking packs, the Tula can quickly adjust from mom to dad within minutes. It also provides excellent knee-to-knee support.

The only complaint I have is the kid can't see much from back there. That's why I was excited when we were gifted the PiggyBack standing child carrier.

I had never seen anything like it before and loved that it's so unique. The biggest draw was the thought that it might encourage our youngest to walk more and that it was suitable for our five-year-old if needed. It did NOT promote more walking, but our son enjoyed being able to stand and see out ahead. He also enjoyed interacting more with his brothers due to the standing position.

The carrier is sturdy, has multiple safety straps, and is easy to pack and carry. It's all the things kids love about piggyback rides in a much more enjoyable way. We received many compliments on the trails, and I think it will come in handy over the next few years.

We are enjoying this carrier as long as no naps are needed!

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