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Maximize family time during covid-19

It's no secret that I absolutely love having my boys home. As a mom that has always wanted to. homeschool, the big positive from virtual schooling is the opportunity to somewhat dabble in it without the anxiety that choosing a curriculum brings. I know this is still a far crawl from true homeschooling but still, it does provide many of the same benefits and with some creativity you can make it better for you and your kids.

One way I have done this is by getting involved with my oldest sons lesson, particularly science and social studies, and making it a family activity. You're never too young to learn so incorporating my 5 yo into the 8 yo lessons challenges him and helps build those muscles responsible for higher order thinking. It makes it fun and more engaging for my 8 yo because, I pull out all the the theatrics and get as in to as I possibly can. I will tell you first hand that he has responded to it loves it as well as the lesson so much more. So if you are struggling with virtual learning, and have some time to get into a it!

The other way we keep things interested during virtual learning is by incorporating field trips! Outside of our outdoor adventures, we try to find other ways to engage the boys during the week.

Most recently we went a new Art & History center in our local area and we all learned a lot while the boys got the break they needed from school work. To read more about our experience, click here.

I encourage everyone to find a way to make it work and maximize this time with your family. Pandemic or not, time is to be cherished and memories are to made!

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