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A movement not a moment

First I want to give out a shout out to my friend Tanisha for this title. She's been sharing the work we're trying to do while making it known that this is a #movementnotamoment. I felt it was more than appropriate as I write about the happenings of the week and my non-profit org!

So let's just jump right in....After my segment on hiking in North Alabama aired on the local news, I was contacted by a producer from Live with Kelly and Ryan wanting to highlight the work we are trying to do with Black Kids Adventures Inc. I was shocked, nervous and honestly felt unworthy of such a grand stage but, I realized this was a wonderful opportunity to not only share the organization with the world, but to also reach and inspire more people. The segment aired and although it was cut short, it went very well and I've received a huge outpouring of support as well as secured our first donation (insert happy dance) towards

making the outdoors more equitable and accessible for all.

My Hiking Journey

As I mentioned in the interview, I have always had a connection with the outdoors. Between family fishing trips and Track season, there weren't many times that I wasn't outside. But one thing I'd never really experienced was hiking. It would be 2010 before I honestly realized hiking was just a fancy word for walking and that it didn't require summiting the largest of mountains to be done. This is also the year I began my own hiking journey.

Our plans VS Gods Plans

After deciding I no longer wanted to be a Chiropractor and moving back to Huntsville, I felt lost. This was the very first time I'd experienced making a plan and that plan not working out and I didn't know what to do. I didn't have a back up plan or a job and depression began to set in. To combat those feelings of uncertainty and despair, I began hiking. It brought so much clarity and just allowed me to better hear from God. Iv'e been hiking ever since and now share the mental and physical benefits with my entire family.

Fast forward to January 2020 when I began Black Adventure Crew, a family brand that inspires Black families and families at large to be more adventurous and live outside the box. I wanted to present a picture that I didn't readily see in hopes that others would decide to join us but I realized it wasn't enough. I needed to actually put some action behind this thing and help onlookers become participants of the outdoor community.

A star is born....

Enter Black Kids Adventures, Inc. A non-profit organization that will Expose, Educate and Empower Black and Brown Families to occupy space outdoors, provide financial resources that will help make gear, tools and safety equipment more accessible, promote outdoor equality and offer a safe space to began an outdoor adventure lifestyle.

If you believe in our mission, please consider making a tax deductible donation. Your donation will help in our mission of diversifying the outdoors!

This is a movement....not a moment!

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