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5 reasons you need to go glamping

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My family and I have always loved the idea of tent camping, but until a few months ago, we never ventured further than our backyard. There are many reasons for this, mainly because we couldn't get the boys to sleep outside. Almost every weekend last year, we would head out back with all our gear, pitch a tent, roast hot dogs, make smores, stargaze and prepare to sleep in our tent only to be met with kids that suddenly couldn't fathom the idea of sleeping outside. With dreams of one day camping away from home, we continued this routine in hopes that something would change.

( fire wood and s'mores kit came with our glampsite as well as camp chairs)

That change never came until we decided to switch campsites (ok, backyards), and we no longer had the option to go back in. We joined our friends that wanted to experience sleeping in a tent and set up camp in their backyard more than 20 miles away from home. While not a drastic change, it was just what we needed to get the ball rolling and take our camping life to the next level.

When preparing for this adventure, we decided we wanted to be comfortable. Since we could take whatever we wanted, we packed our air mattresses to try and give everyone an excellent night's rest and a great first experience sleeping outside. It worked, and the boys slept just as well as they do at home, so it's no surprise that when presented with the opportunity to test-drive our new local glamping company, we jumped on it! The experience was fantastic and definitely one we will do again.

If you want to read more about how it went, check out more here!

(a bed for everyone = a good nights sleep)

5 Reasons you need to go glamping now

  1. It takes the stress out of preparing to go camping. You simply show up and enjoy!

  2. It's a great way to introduce and help get kids comfortable sleeping outside.

  3. It makes camping feel more like a vacation.

  4. It makes Winter & Summer camping a lot more tolerable since the option to have heat and a/c is available.

  5. You get to experience the outdoors at your comfort level.

*Bonus reasons from the boys

  1. "It's just plain fun!"

  2. "It already has beds!"

  3. "We get to make s'mores on our cool fire pit?"

(take a look inside our experience)

If you ever thought camping wasn't for you, I encourage you to explore the idea of glamping and many of the other ways you can get outside. As always remember, being outdoorsy is defined by you. Create your outdoor adventure and live it out in the way that works for you!

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