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10 gifts that encourage time outside

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

It's not always easy to get the kids outdoors. With increased time on screens this year, more than ever, most kids tend to prefer spending their free time with an electronic device.

As parents, part of our responsibility is to encourage a healthy balance between screen and non-screen activities, so we've put together a holiday guide to help you get your kids outdoors more in 2021 and beyond.

Whether it's hiking, biking, or something in between, these are our tried and proven "Get outside and play" items of the year!

1.Rain Suits: This one piece of gear will have kids ready to play no matter what the weather brings. No need to stop when clouds turn to rain; keep the exploring going and stay dry in the process. We love the ones by CeLaVi

2.Tape Lights: What kid wouldn't be excited to explore a cave, take a night hike or just go outside to see what they can find if they had their own tape light to keep them company? These simple tape lights are so fun and the perfect size for kids to carry and keep up with independently. They work great for getting the family out moving or even setting up an evening game night outdoors. The possibilities for use are endless, but kids are guaranteed to find a fun way to explore while using them.


3. Tent: Owning a tent is one of the keys to getting outdoors more. Backyard camping is our jam, and owning a tent big enough for all of us to fit has been a great addition to our outdoor adventures. No Box's bell tent is lightweight and easy to set up, leaving plenty of time for family fun.

4. Hydration Pack: A surefire way to get kids excited to go hiking AND drink more water is a personal hydration pack. Our boys love their camo packs because it frees up their hands for more exploring and playing, doesn't require carrying a bottle and allows them to drink without stopping.

5. Washable hiking shoes: There's nothing worse than going out for a day of exploring, only to get your favorite shoes ruined with mud because they aren't washable. Been there, done that, and had unhappy kids. We now don't leave home without their favorite washable trail shoes by Merrell. No more avoiding dirt and creeks; these shoes can handle it all and be washed to like new after each adventure. These shoes hold shape with each wash and have permitted the boys to get as dirty as they want!

6. Water shoes: Similar to having a rain suit, water shoes are the perfect warm-weather accessory. They allow kids to stomp in creeks, play in splash pads, and in any other wet area without changing shoes. We love the stride rite water shoes because they work well going from water - land.

7. Bounce House: Sometimes, you just want to hang in the backyard and get the wiggles out. We lean on our beloved bounce house for those days. They provide hours of fun and great exercise! Snag one with a soccer goal for even more ways to engage outdoors.

8. Fishing Rod: Pick up a new hobby and try catching your own food to get kids excited about being outside. Fishing is excellent for the kid that's more laid back or looking for a lowkey way to spend time in nature. Sitting by the water is relaxing and can be a

great way to catch up while still benefitting from mother nature. Don't forget a tackle box for your junior angler when purchasing their pole!

9. Balance Bike: Bike riding is such a fun way to explore the outdoors as a family; it's also a great introduction to spending time outdoors. We have been getting our youngest ready to join us with a balance bike, and he can't wait until he's prepared to pedal down the greenway like the rest of the family.

10. Binoculars: Kids love being able to view things up close, and binoculars help provide a view into something new. A kid may not know how much they love exploring until this unique point of view has been realized. My boys love looking for birds in the sky and off into the woods for wildlife. They feel real official with binoculars swinging from their necks!



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