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Q: I love what you're doing and want to participate but, I'm not Black or Brown. Can I still come?

A: Yes! If you believe in and agree with our mission, you are welcome here! We are not here to turn people away. We are simply creating a safe space to reach the people that may not have had such in the past.

Q: Do meetups cost?

A: Part of our mission in making the outdoors and various events more equitable, is to provide FREE or low cost opportunities. We believe by removing the financial aspect, more people can experience and learn to love the outdoors.

We are a non-profit organization but we do incur costs in order to run. Your donations help keep meetups free/inexpensive for the community, provide stipends to volunteer instructors, help purchase gear/equipment, and help us operate.

Please consider making tax deductible donation here. If you are donating to a specific event or program, please make a note in the comment section. 

Q: Your organization has the word "Kids" in it. Are events only for kids?

A: No. Our events are for families with the focus being on early exposure for kids. We want our events to be family adventures that you will hopefully continue doing and enjoying together long after you leave us!

Q: What exactly is a event? 

A: "Events" for us simply mean meetups. We are creating community through our organization to encourage people to get outside. Through these meetups we will enjoy the great outdoors together! 

Q: Is there an age requirement?
A: This will be up to each individual family and their level of comfort. We try to provide meetups that are for the entire family but, only you know if it will work for your family. We are counting on you to make the decision best for your comfort, health, and family. 

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