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About Us

We are Zenovia and George Stephens and we enjoy exploring the outdoors, discovering new adventures and spending as much time as possible with our three sons!


As a family, we love hiking and chasing waterfalls but, we noticed that we never see other black families on the trails and found it troubling. While plenty of Black and Brown people enjoy hiking, and many other outdoor activities, the numbers are low when compared to other races. This knowledge combined with personal experiences of not feeling represented in the outdoor community, led us to create Black Kids Adventures, Inc.

Having young children, we understand that early exposure to outdoor adventure activities is key in changing the outdoor narrative. By helping introduce and expose introducing families to these activities, we expect to see greater representation in outdoor spaces, publications and ads as well as motivate the next generation to pursue career opportunities that allow them to further connect with nature.

Black Kids Adventures, Inc is here to help bridge the adventure gap!

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